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Micro Motion Mass Flowmeters

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Emerson’s flow measurement expertise combined with the trusted Micro Motion Coriolis, Density and Viscosity measurement technology ensures our customers have the confidence and insight they need to continuously improve the safety and efficiency of their most critical and challenging applications

Coriolis Flow & Density Meters

Achieve precision measurement and process control with Micro Motion. Our Coriolis flow, density and viscosity meters deliver reliable, repeatable and compatible performance over a wide range of applications

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Coriolis Sensors

World-leading Micro Motion meters are the highest performing Coriolis flow and density measurement devices available today.  With over 1,000,000 installations around the world and the widest product breadth available, we have what you need.  From loop-powered to meter verification, extreme low flow to high flow rates, fiscal custody transfer to general process, count on Micro Motion measurement for the best measurement solution for any process challenge. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

2-Wire Coriolis Flow and Density Meters
Micro Motion 2-wire Coriolis Meters extend highly accurate mass flow and density measurement to loop-powered applications - no need for more power wiring!

[CNG050 Flow & Density Meter] CNG050 Coriolis Meters
Designed for the CNG fuel dispensing industry, Micro Motion CNG050 Coriolis Meters meet the challenges of measuring compressed natural gas for custody transfer.

ELITE Peak Performance Coriolis Flow and Density Meters
Micro Motion ELITE meters provide unmatched flow and density measurement performance in your most challenging liquid, gas, and slurry applications.

[F-Series Coriolis Meters] F-Series High-Performance, Compact Drainable Coriolis Flow and Density Meters
F-Series Coriolis meters are intended for highly accurate mass volume flow and density measurement in applications that require a compact, drainable design.

[High Pressure Meters] High Pressure Coriolis Meters
A portfolio of high pressure meters that address a wide range of process pressures at flow rates up to 20,000 lb/min (545,000 kg/hr) and pressures up to 6250 psi for some line sizes.

[High Temperature Meter] High Temperature Coriolis Meters
Micro Motion high temperature meters can handle temperatures up to 662 °F (350 °C). A sealed electronics extension protects transmitters for optimal reliability.

[H-Series Density Meter] H-Series Hygienic Compact Drainable Coriolis Flow and Density Meters
Sanitary and Hygienic H-Series meters offer highly accurate mass flow, volume flow, and density measurement in a compact, drainable and cleanable design.

[LF Flow & Density Meters] LF-Series Extreme Low-Flow Coriolis and Density Meters
Micro Motion LF-Series meters are the smallest Coriolis meters available and offer a scalable platform to meet individual flow measurement needs

Low Temperature Cryogenic Meters
Micro Motion cryogenic meters deliver exceptional performance in extreme process temperatures of -400 to 176 °F (-240 to 80 °C). These products are accurate in empty-full-empty applications, and OEM-ready with direct Modbus communications.

[Model D Sensors] Model D Coriolis Flow and Density Meters
Micro Motion Model D meters provide flow and density measurement for liquids, gases and slurries. Model DL sensors are designed to meet 3-A sanitary standards for milk and milk products, and are USDA-accepted.

[R-Series Coriolis Meters] R-Series General Purpose Coriolis Flow and Density Meters
R-Series Coriolis meters are simple and reliable, used to obtain basic flow and density measurement while benefiting from the fundamental advantages of Coriolis flowmeter technology.

[T-Series Flow & Density Meters] T-Series Straight Tube Full-bore Coriolis Flow and Density Meters
T-Series meters feature all titanium wetted parts for corrosion resistance and offer superior flow measurement in a straight-tube, full-bore meter design.

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Coriolis Transmitters

World-leading Micro Motion performance is driven by the wide range of powerful transmitters and electronics that offer the greatest transmitter architecture flexibility available today.  Ensure your process benefits from expertise that delivers the only 2-wire meters, true and complete in-situ meters verification, unmatched MVD technology, and single-device measurement of mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature. ​​​​​​​​​​

[Micro Motion 2500 Transmitter] Model 1500 and 2500 Compact Control Room Transmitters
Micro Motion 1500/2500 DIN rail-mounted transmitters are powered by MVD Technology and designed to easily fit into control room panels.

[Micro Motion 2700 Remote Transmitter] Model 1700 and 2700 Versatile Field and Integral Mount Transmitter
1700/2700 field-mount transmitters are powered by MVD Technology and designed for compact integral mounting, or to easily mount on a wall or pipe stand.

[2200S 2-Wire Coriolis Transmitter] Model 2200S Compact Integral 2-Wire Loop-Powered Transmitter
Micro Motion 2-Wire Coriolis meters, with Model 2200S transmitter, are the first Coriolis meters for highly accurate mass flow and density measurement in loop-powered applications – and without the need for additional power wiring.

[Micro Motion 2400S Transmitter] Model 2400S Compact Integral Transmitter
Micro Motion 2400S transmitters with MVD Technology deliver unsurpassed Coriolis performance in two-phase flow applications.

[Series 3000 Transmitters] Model 3500 and 3700 Controller and Transmitter
The Micro Motion Series 3000 electronics combine Coriolis transmitter functions and PLC capabilities in one instrument.

[Model 5700] Model 5700 Advanced Field-Mount Transmitter
The Model 5700 transmitter delivers the best in measurement technology and offers unparalleled support providing you with total measurement confidence, valuable process insight and improved productivity through simplified solutions.

Model 9739 MVD Field and Truck Mount Multivariable Transmitters
Micro Motion 9739 transmitters with MVD Technology are ideally suited for wall- or truck-mounted applications or for replacing legacy RFT9739 transmitters.

Model FMT Compact Integral High-Speed Filling Transmitter
The FMT Coriolis transmitter was specifically designed for filling and dosing applications to deliver outstanding performance in high speed and very small fills.

[Micro Motion RFT9739 Transmitter] Model RFT9739 Multivariable Field Mount Transmitter
The Micro Motion RFT9739 transmitter can be used with most Micro Motion sensors to provide precision fluid measurement in a wide variety of applications.

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Density and Viscosity Meters

Micro Motion density and viscosity meters deliver unbeatable accuracy and performance for applications requiring density, concentration or viscosity measurement.  An installed base of over 175,000 density measurement units around the world puts us at the leading edge of density and concentration measurement technology.

Gas Density & Gas Specific Gravity Meters
The Micro Motion Gas Density and Specific Gravity Meters are the new industry standard for direct measurement of gas density, gas specific gravity, molecular weight, relative density, Calorific Value/BTU and Wobbe Index.

Liquid Density & Concentration Meters
The Micro Motion liquid density and concentration meters are available in two formats — highly accurate vibrating tubes or flexible direct insertion vibrating forks.  These meters are built to tackle the most demanding of fiscal, custody transfer and process applications.

Liquid Viscosity Meters
These innovative multi-variable direct insertion fork viscosity meters measure viscosity, density and temperature. They are ideal for the of online process control of refined oils and heavy fuel oil (HFO).

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Communication Tools

A range of tools and peripheral products to ensure you are maximizing the power of Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density devices in your process or operation.  ​

Advanced Phase Measurement
Micro Motion Advanced Phase Measurement provides unprecedented multi-phase flow measurement for the most challenging entrained gas or liquid applications.

ADView Software Tool
ADView is a PC-based configuration and diagnostics tool that runs on a Windows platform and communicates with the 7829 meters through a standard serial port.

Digital Communications Protocols
Micro Motion offers many digital communication protocols to suit your needs. Get more information from your field devices compared to traditional I/O Signals

EtherNet/IP Module for Micro Motion Coriolis Meters
Micro Motion EtherNet/IP Module delivers rich multivariable outputs and a powerful configuration and maintenance interface in an easy to install package.

Micro Motion 475 Field Communicator
The 475 Field Communicator features powerful field diagnostics, fast operating time and universal support for HART, and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices.

Micro Motion 795x Signal Converters
Micro Motion 795x Signal Converters have been designed specifically to accept the input signals from our dedicated density and viscosity meters.

MVD Direct Connect
The MVD Direct Connect combines the accuracy, reliability, and performance of Micro Motion Coriolis meters with the simplicity of a direct Modbus interface.

ProLink III Configuration & Service Tool for Micro Motion and Rosemount Flow Meters
ProLink III is a Microsoft Windows-based application for the configuration, service and support of Micro Motion and Rosemount Flow meters.

Smart Wireless THUM Adapter
Efficiently gather data from your multivariable Coriolis meters. HART devices can provide a wealth of information in addition to the primary process variable.

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