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Sliding Stem Valves

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Straight-pattern (globe), angle-pattern, and three-way valves offer a broad range of types, sizes, and materialsfrom DN15 to 600 (NPS 1/2 to 24) low-flow valves to DN 500 (NPS 20) and larger for demanding high-pressure steam and hydrocarbon service.


General & Chemical Service Globe Valves

General and chemical service applications include general, utility, and corrosive services. Many valves can be used for more than one type of service, depending on the actual temperatures, pressures, process fluids, and other conditions. More specific descriptions for each valve are presented below.

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High Pressure Globe Valves

High-pressure valves are extremely rugged, single-port, globe and angle valves for applications in power, refining, hydrocarbon, chemical, and other industries

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Low Flow Valves

Low flow technology offers increasing rangeability with decreasing Cv ratings. This enables the valves to control over a wide flow range minimizing the need to change out trim sets when flow conditions vary between batches. All care and consideration is taken into account during the design phase resulting in compact, rugged, corrosion resistant assemblies that are among the lightest weight in their class, reducing your installation, maintenance and operational costs.

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Universal Globe Valves

We have the broadest range of sliding-stem control valves available anywhere in a variety of materials, flow characteristics, and end connections. Complementary actuators and accessories are also available. Popular sliding-stem valve product lines include:
Fisher easy-eTM and BaumannTM valves.

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