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Gas Analyzers

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Reliable Performance for Precision Analysis

Emerson gas analyzers provide the most reliable, repeatable, and comprehensive measurement solutions for your gas analysis needs. From the more simple C6+ natural gas applications, to the more complex gas processing analytics, our stand alone analyzers and systems can solve your toughest measurement challenges for a wide range of concentrations across various industries and applications.


Combustion Gas Analysis

Emerson is the world’s premier supplier of Rosemount Analytical combustion analyzers for process analysis; emissions monitoring; and combustion optimization. With more than 80 years of experience we provide real, provable analytical solutions. Our analyzers are supported by trained professionals to keep your process up and running efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing ‘real precision, real expertise and real solutions.

Combustion Flue Gas Analyzers
Rosemount Analytical's combustion flue gas analyzers measure the gases flowing out of large industrial boilers and furnaces to improve combustion efficiency.

Fan/Damper Drives
Fan/Damper drives are most commonly used to control process valves, dampers and feed mechanisms accurately and in response to a demand signal.

On Demand Catalog
The Rosemount Combustion On Demand Catalog is a list of available parts with a standard book to ship lead time of 5 days. Same day shipping is available.

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Continuous Gas Analyzers

If your process requires continuous analysis of a single component, measuring multiple components simultaneously, or monitoring emission levels for regulatory compliance, Emerson’s continuous gas analyzers use a variety of measurement principles to provide you with the best, most precise, continuous analysis of your process gas down to ultra low ppm levels.

X-STREAM™ Enhanced Analyzers
Measuring up to five components, the X-STREAM Enhanced takes advantage of the lowest span drift and temperature dependency, combined with tight repeatability and zero drift. A unique web-based interface securely enables remote diagnostics without additional software installation and offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

X-STREAM™ Analyzers
The X-STREAM family of analyzers features IntrinzX intrinsically linear photometric technology with high sensitivity for tough measurements and exceptional long-term stability. A variety of housing options allows you to configure your analyzer from general purpose to hazardous area applications with world-wide certifications.

MLT, CLD and FID Analyzers
The MLT, CLD and FID analyzer series offers multi-component, multi-method analysis for up to five gas components simultaneously. These analyzers use non-dispersive infrared, ultraviolet, visible (NDIR/UV/VIS) thermal conductivity (TCD), paramagnetic and electrochemical sensor technologies (pO2/eO2) as well as chemiluminescence (CLD) and flame ionization (FID) detectors.

NO and NOx Analyzers
Rosemount Analytical's NO/NOx analyzers provide quick and accurate measurement with excellent reliability.

Hydrocarbon Analyzers
Rosemount Analytical's hydrocarbon analyzers provide reliable performance in a variety of applications.

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Gas Chromatographs

Engineered for maximum precision analysis of your most critical gas applications, Emerson gas chromatographs offer the most reliable, repeatable, real-time analysis in a robust package to help solve your toughest analytical challenges in the gas processing and natural gas industries.

Process Gas Chromatographs
Process Gas Chromatographs are designed for applications within processing facilities and used in a variety of refining, petrochemical, power, and environmental applications where selected components in gaseous or liquid streams must be precisely monitored on a continuous basis.

Natural Gas Chromatographs
Danalyzer natural gas chromatographs are engineered for applications where critical gas measurement is needed, including C6+ BTU/CV for custody transfer, C9+ analysis with hydrocarbon dew point calculations, trace contaminant monitoring (including C6+ with H2S) for pipeline integrity, product quality for LNG or NGL's, and other customized applications for your natural gas analysis needs.

MON Gas Chromatograph Software
MON Series software makes configuration, monitoring and operation of your Rosemount Analytical Chromatograph quick and easy.

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Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) Gas Analyzers

Advanced QCL technology allows for the accurate detection and analysis of gases in highly-regulated markets including the aerosol, pharmaceutical and food industries. QCL also offers superior monitoring and analysis for a range of industrial process applications in the production, petrochemical, natural/shale gas, and semiconductor industries.

QCLs are an ideal solution for Process, Detection and Environmental applications. Choose QCLs over traditional analyzers fo​r its solid state and compact design, rapid measurements, high sensitivity, multi-component analysis, and low lifetime cost.

Cascade Technologies CT5100 Continuous Gas Analyzer
Continuous gas analysis for process and emission monitoring applications, combining TDL and QCL technologies to measure up to twelve components simultaneously down to low ppm.

Cascade Technologies CT5400 Continuous Gas Analyzer
Multi-component continuous gas analyzer combines QCL and TDL technologies in a single rack mount enclosure to measure process gas and monitor emissions from sub ppm to % levels.

Cascade Technologies CT2211 Aerosol Leak Detection System
Leak detection system providing contactless analysis for a wide range of propellants including LPG, R134a, CO2, N2O, and DME at a rate of up to 500 cans per minute. Ideal for all aerosol and compressed gas manufacturers.

Cascade Technologies CT3204 pMDI Leak Detection System
Leak detection and reject system providing detection for R134a and other Freon components, with highly sensitivity, high accuracy and near instantaneous analysis responses (~50 mS). Ideal for metered dose inhalers and other similar pharmaceutical applications.

Cascade Technologies CT4000 Ruggedized OEM Gas Analyzer
Hybrid, multi-component system (QCL and TDL) providing real-time measurement for up to 10 gases including NO, NO2, SO2, CH4, H2O, CO and CO2. Ideal for ship emissions monitoring, power plant emissions monitoring, engine management, engine combustion tools, engine health management and carbon trading.

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Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

Maintain emissions compliance, prevent costly fines, and avoid unplanned shutdown of your gas processing applications with CEMS solutions from Emerson designed to meet clean air laws around the world, including US EPA 40 CFR Part 75 and 40 CFR Part 60.

With over 3,000 CEMS installations in the field worldwide, Rosemount Analytical combines the expertise and field-proven technologies with the most rugged sample conditioning and extraction systems in the industry to provide superior measurement accuracy and repeatability. Designed in consideration of CEM regulations as specified in clean air laws around the world, including U.S EPA 40 CFR Part 75 and 40 CFR Part 60, we help you meet data reporting requirements, maintain emissions compliance, and ensures certification and compliance with your local and international regulatory agencies.

Typical Components Monitored

  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
  • Nitrogen Monoxide (NO)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Total Hydrocarbon (THC)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • Opacity


Pre-Engineered CEMS Solutions
Rosemount Analytical offers a cost effective pre-engineered CEMS solution to monitor stack gases for regulatory compliance. They are designed to perform the required daily zero and span checks automatically and unattended. Automatic calibration makes it less costly and time consuming to meet the environmental requirements for daily validation of the system.

Customized CEMS Solutions
Rosemount Analytical CEMS solutions range from pre-engineered, packaged systems to more complex custom engineered systems that measure multiple gases using data acquisition and handling. Speak to one of our experts and tell us about your specific applications needs. Contact your local representative to learn more.

CEMS Analyzers and Accessories
The smart choice to help you manage your business in today’s regulatory environment.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Typical Application Solution


Gas Turbines
    Our CEMS are ideal for the low emissions requirements of gas turbines.

Cogeneration Facilities
    Depending upon the geographic location, type of fuel burned, and plant size,
    any or all of the following parameters may be monitored: CO, O2, CO2, SO2
    NOx, THC, NH3, and opacity.

    Process heaters and FCC units often require enhanced sample handling fea-
    tures that are a Rosemount Analytical specialty.

Utilities and Municipalities
    With emissions allowances being a potentially valuable commodity, accu-
    rate and reliable CEMS are a necessity.

Industrial Boilers
    Depending upon the size and location of the plant, CEMS may be required.

Commercial and Industrial Boilers
    Typical measurements include CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, O2, and opacity.

Pulp and Paper
    Pulp and paper facilities may be required to measure SO2, O2, CO, NOx, 
    and opacity in a variety of emissions sources, including power and recovery

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems
    A NOx measurement is used upstream of the SCR to control the feed rate
    and downstream of the SCR for NOx emissions compliance. 

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