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Solid Level Measurement


Make informed decisions about inventory control and usage

When you need to improve operational efficiency, avoid overspills and optimize delivery scheduling, accurate material measurement and control of inventory is vital.

With the RosemountTM 5708 Series 3D Solids Scanner, accurate measurements for production tracking, process control, inventory management and usage forecasting are easy. The Rosemount 5708 delivers accurate measurement of bulk solids and powders regardless of the type of material or product characteristics, no matter how large the storage silo, bin or container, or harshness of the storage environment.

  • Get highly accurate level and volume measurement
  • Improve production tracking
  • Obtain insight into what is really going on inside your silo with 3D representation of actual product surface

Increase safety and manage your plant assets

Silos can be susceptible to collapse which could result in catastrophic failures. This is often caused by uneven sidewall loading caused by material build-up, or uneven filling and emptying.

You need to trust your systems to ensure this doesn’t happen. With 3D visualization included in the Rosemount 3DMultiVision™ software, you have a better understanding of the distribution of material inside the silo, which helps prevent the threat of structural damage to the container.

The 3DMultiVision software provides remote monitoring of stored materials, limiting operator exposure to harsh conditions, and reducing costs. Manual measurements are eliminated along with the need for operators to climb the vessel to make checks.

  • Get early visual detection of possible failures
  • Avoid costly damage and keep your operators safe
  • Prevent regular top of vessel inventory checks


Overcome time consuming maintenance issues

The Rosemount 5708 needs very little maintenance. It has no moving parts to stick, requires no re-calibration, and its self-cleaning capabilities prevent material from accumulating on the antennas, ensuring reliable performance in harsh dusty conditions.

3D Visualization helps you to better understand the distribution of material inside the silo, enabling scheduling of appropriate maintenance, and avoiding costly damage and production interruptions.

  • Enable maintenance scheduling
  • Eliminate the need for manual measurements
  • No need for special calibration
  • No moving parts, no risk of sticking
  • Continuous self-cleaning reduces maintenance