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Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

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Triple Offset Valve

Leaking valves pose safety and environmental hazards and result in operating losses. Your company suffers costly downtime when the process is taken offline to repair or change out valves. Replace unreliable equipment with Virgo’s Triple Offset Butterfly Valves from Emerson.

The Virgo Triple Offset Valve is a quarter-turn, metal-to-metal sealing, zero leakage valve. Lighter weight compared to other types of valves, it features low operating torques, high cycle life, an inherently fire-safe design, a one-piece shaft with blowout-proof construction, sealed bearings, and adjustable shaft seals for low emissions.

Virtually maintenance-free, the Virgo Triple Offset Valve (TOV) provides a longer service life, delivering increased value at extremely competitive cost vs. other valves in the market.

The versatility of the TOV design and construction allows for use in various applications and within a broad range of temperatures.

Unlike conventional butterfly and gate valves whose seats are chafed with every stroke, the design of the Virgo TOV provides a non-rubbing, open/close operation. Additionally, its torque-assisted seal assures tight shut-off and uniform contact without wear which translates to better performance over a longer life.

Virgo Triple Offset valves are the ideal choice for isolation. Where automation is required, actuation packages are available such as emergency shutdown, Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), line break systems and remote operations.

Virgo TOV provides consistent performance with demanding processes, such as steam, vacuum, high pressure and cycled services. The Virgo Triple Offset Valve is relied upon in oil and gas process lines, refineries, power plants, sea water treatment facilities, pump stations, wastewater effluent treatment plants, circulating water systems, desalination facilities and cooling water system applications.

Product Range and Configurations

  • 3”through 56”, Class 150# to 600#
  • Lugged
  • Double Flanged Short Pattern
  • Double Flanged Long Pattern (Gate Valve Replacement)

Design Attributes and Features

  • API 609 (Category B) design, ASME B16.34, BS EN 593
  • Tested to API 598, ANSI/FCI 70-2
  • SIL 3 certified
  • Fire tested to API 607/ISO 10497-5, API 6FA
  • Compliant to Fugitive Emissions Testing MESC 77/312, ISO 15848
  • Bi-directional as per API598/609
  • NACE MR 0175 compliant*
  • PED (97/23/EC), EAC


  • The Virgo Triple Offset Valve design and material configurations afford the highest level of safety, compliance and performance in even the toughest applications
  • Highly reliable — Virgo products are designed using the latest engineering tools and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities, resulting in products built to last.
  • Lightweight and compact — The Virgo TOV footprint is half the size of the typical gate valve, making it an ideal substitute. It is compact and lightweight enough to keep in spares inventory for rapid replacement when other valves fail.
  • Easy automation — Low torque and standardized mounting design allow for easy integration in a variety of automated systems.
  • Long life expectancy — Virgo Triple Offset Valve's metal-to-metal sealing and non-rubbing features mean less wear, resulting in extended service life.

* Environmental restrictions may apply. End User's responsible to request.‚Äč

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