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Rosemount 2088 Absolute and Gage Pressure Transmitter

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Proven reliability for gage and absolute applications

  • Available protocols include 4-20 mA HART and 1-5 Vdc HART Low Power
  • Fully configurable LCD display to display process variable, percent of range, and diagnostic messages
  • Lightweight, compact design enables easy installation
  • Choice of stainless steel or Alloy C-276 wetted materials

Unlock the value of devices with the Smart Wireless THUM™Adapter

  • Gain access to field intelligence and improve quality, safety, availability, operations, and maintenance costs
  • Remotely manage devices and monitor health
  • Enable new wireless measurement points
  • Utilize existing loop power

Proven, reliable, and innovative DP Level technologies

  • Connect to virtually any process with a comprehensive offering of process connections, fill fluids, direct mount or capillary connections and materials
  • Quantify and optimize total system performance with QZ option Instrument manifolds – quality, convenient, and easy

Instrument manifolds – quality, convenient, and easy

  • Designed and engineered for optimal performance with Rosemount transmitters
  • Save installation time and money with factory assembly
  • Offers a variety of styles, materials, and configurations