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Breathing Apparatus

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Dräger PA91 Plus

The Dräger PA91 Plus is a highly capable, yet reasonably priced, compressed air breathing apparatus set. The Dräger PA91 Plus breathing apparatus is ideal for use when working in environments where fire and smoke, toxic gases or a lack of oxygen is present. Designed and manufactured by the world leader in the field of respiratory protective equipment, the PA91 Plus provides you with the highest level of performance in a simple but effective package.


  • Comfortable carrying system
  • First breath activated
  • Complete compatibility
  • Pneumatic design
  • Warning whistle and pressure gauge
  • Accessories
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Dräger PAS Lite

For use in industrial applications where a simple, robust and easy to use breathing apparatus is required, the Dräger PAS® Lite Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) combines reliability with comfort and performance, as well as excellent service life and easy to maintain.


  • Advanced technology
  • Integrated hose design
  • Efficient load distribution
  • Service friendly
  • Proven, robust and flexible
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Dräger PSS 7000

Developed by professionals for professionals the new Dräger PSS 7000 represents a major leap forward in the evolution of breathing apparatus for the professional fire fighter.


  • Complete, state-of-the-art personal safety system solution
  • Height-adjustable carrying system
  • Maximum performance harness material
  • Service friendly, low maintenance
  • Versatile integrated hose routing
  • Wide variety of system configurations and accessories
  • Electronic monitoring with the Dräger Bodyguard 7000
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Dräger REGIS® 300 and 500

Hands-free monitoring of respiratory protection of emergency and rescue teams: The boards REGIS® 300 and 500 enable the incident manager to keep track of respiratory equipment wearers and their deployment time. Thanks to an automatic intermediate alarm, monitoring can be combined with other tasks. In co-usage with the external tracer, distances of up to 40 m are possible.


  • Simultaneous monitring of three teams
  • More safety with intermediate alarms
  • External tracer for more ease of movement
  • Full deployment monitoring with simple documentation
  • REGIS 500: Coding plugs for different applications
  • Other advantages of the REGIS 300
  • Other advantages of the REGIS 500


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