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Rosemount Non-Contacting Radar

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When you need simple, top-down installation and commissioning along with trouble-free operation, non-contacting radar level is your best choice. Use it for a wide range of applications, including dirty and corrosive materials, solids and inventory tank gauging.


5400 Radar Level Transmitter

You cannot afford a single misstep in your process. That’s why we used our 30 years of proven radar expertise to design the new non-contacting Rosemount 5400 Series to focus your plant’s profitability. It delivers higher reliability, improved safety and requires less maintenance and configuration. As a result you will have reduced downtime and lower installation and operating costs.

  • Maximum mounting and application flexibility is ensured with a wide range of antennas and two models with different microwave frequencies, 5401 (6 GHz) and 5402 (26 GHz)
  • Dual Port Technology enables a stronger signal than other 2-wire radar transmitters, providing better measurement reliability.
  • Condensation Resistant Antenna is much less susceptible to coating, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance
  • Faster and simpler commissioning with the easy to use Measure-and-Learn™ functionality in the transmitter
  • Circular Polarization reduces echoes from obstacles and tank walls
  • Advanced transmitter software can be easily configured using the user-friendly software ”Rosemount Radar Master” (supplied free of charge)
  • Easy integration into new or existing plants with a choice of 4-20 mA with superimposed HART, modbus output, or FOUNDATION ™ fieldbus with extensive support for PlantWeb® Alerts
  • Safety Instrumented Systems Suitable
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5600 Non-contact Radar Level Sensor

The Rosemount 5600 Series is an intelligent 4-wire, non-contacting radar level transmitter. Its high performance microprocessor allows for advanced signal processing and smart echo-tracking features. Together with its high sensitivity the radar transmitter can detect and evaluate all echoes within the tank or vessel. The 5600 Series supports and assists the user to a successful configuration of the transmitter in process level applications, from easy to complex process situations.

  • Handles a wide range of process conditions due to high sensitivity and unique signal processing features
  • High repeatability ensuring an extremely reliable and accurate level transmitter even in the toughest conditions
  • Ultra-wide power supply, 24-240 V AC/DC, 0-60 Hz
  • 4-20mA with superimposed digital HART® communication
  • High flexibility with interchangeable transmitter heads and antennas
  • No moving parts and no contact with the liquid
  • Easy setup of the advanced transmitter software through the Rosemount Radar Master Configuration Tool
  • Wide selection of antennas and materials. 
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5900S Radar Level Gauge

Get certified custody transfer level data and better overfill prevention

  • Reduce uncertainty with accurate net volume calculations in a high performance tank gauging system, including the ±0.5 mm 5900S and the best average temperature measurement devices
  • Measure on all storage tank types and products ranging from liquefied gas, light products, to heavy fuel oil and bitumen
  • Increase safety and reliability with SIL 2 and SIL 3 certification options
  • Save cost and achieve redundancy with the 2-in-1 solution (two independent radar gauges in one housing)
  • Make a convenient installation with 2-wire FISCO compliant intrinsically safe Tankbus
  • Access all data with wireless transmission – and by combining with a traditionally wired system you can achieve redundancy
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5900C Radar Level Gauge

Rosemount 5900C measures equa​lly ​​well on all storage tank types and products ranging from liquefied gas, light products, to heavy​ fuel oil and bitumen. Its ± 3 mm accuracy makes it suitable where medium accuracy is preferred and highest SIL safety rating is not a priority.

5900C can be used together with average temperature measurement devices. Tank data is transmitted to the control room and displayed on a host computer or the TankMaster inventory software package.

Achieve cost savings, a quick installation, and get access to all data with the wireless option. A wired system can be used in parallel with a wireless connection to provide redundancy.

The gauge is bus powered for convenient and safe 2-wire installation.

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