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Mobrey Level Measurement and Control Solutions

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Mobrey Electromechanical Products

Displacer level transmitters and water and steam monitoring systems.

Hydrastep and Hydratect
Water/Steam Monitoring Systems

  • High clarity electronic gauging system for steam drums with options of local and remote indication
  • High reliability, low water level shutdown system
  • Electrodes available for up to 1040 °F (560 °C) and 4350 PSI (300 Bar) with a choice of insulators
  • 4–20 mA output proportional to water/steam interface level
  • Relay outputs for level alarms and trips
  • “Sole gauge” and ASME compliance with International approvals
  • Hydratect for use with drain pots or as a Turbine Water Ingress Protection (TWIP) system




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Mobrey Hydrostatic Electronic Level Transmitters

The Mobrey 9700 Series hydrostatic electronic level transmitter range of tank volume transmitters provide the measurement solution where in-tank problems such as foaming, vapor layers and temperature gradients prohibit the use of other instruments.

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Mobrey Point Level Detection Products

Mobrey Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switches
For high and low alarms, overfill protection, pump control, including wide pressure and temperature requirements, and hygienic applications. Flexible mounting. Immune to changing process conditions and suitable for most liquids




Mobrey Ultrasonic Gap Sensor Liquid Level Switches
For use in non-hazardous industrial interface and sludge blanket applications. Immune to changing density, and wide dielectric and pH variations. Suitable for most clean and non-aerated liquids. Options for sludges and slurries




Mobrey Float and Displacer Liquid Level Switches
Mobrey electromechanical float and displacer level switches are ideal for alarm and pump control duties, especially in critical applications or hazardous areas. Chambers are available for external mounting of these level switches on process vessels




Mobrey Dry Products Level Switches
For high and low level alarms. Has threaded mounting connections, extended lengths, high temperature capability,and multiple detection techniques. Suitable for a variety of powders, granules, and free flowing solids with wide variations in bulk densities

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Ultrasonic Liquid Level Measurement

Mobrey MCU Universal Transmitter Controller and Indicator
The Mobrey MCU's provide a high level of functionality to 4-20mA/HART signals. Mains or 24V dc powered. Available in a sturdy weatherproof wall mounting enclosure or standard DIN size panel mount format. Provides intrinsically safe power to transmitters.


Mobrey MCU/MSP Measurement & Control Systems
Mobrey MCU/MSP ultrasonic non-contact measurement and control systems are aimed specifically at level and flow applications in the environmental water treatment industry



Mobrey MSM400 Series Ultrasonic Suspended Solids Monitoring and Control System
The Mobrey MSM400 system comprises a control unit and either a tank mounted sensor or pipe section with integral sensors. Easily programmed to suit site conditions and comes with a range of user selectable calibration settings for simple initial set-up


Mobrey MSP Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
The Mobrey MSP400 and MSP900 family of 2-wire loop powered Ultrasonic level transmitters comprises 4 models: MSP422, MSP400, MSP900 and MSP900*H



Mobrey Open Channel Flow Measurement System] Mobrey Open Channel Flow Measurement System
Mobrey MCU/MSP ultrasonic systems for open channel flow measurement and logging. The MCU90F is a dedicated open channel flow meter and control unit.

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