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Guided Wave Radar

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Guided wave radar provides accurate, reliable measurements for both level and interface with top-down direct measurement that can be used for liquids, sludges, slurries and some solids. No compensation is required for changes in density, dielectric or conductivity of the fluid.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

5300 GWR Level Transmitters

The Rosemount 5300 Series is our superior 2-wire Guided Wave Radar (GWR) for challenging level and interface measurements on liquids, slurries and solids. It leverages our 30 years of proven radar expertise and is designed to focus on your plant’s profitability. The 5300 delivers everything you would expect from a best-in-class process radar – superior reliability, state-of-the-art safety features, effortless handling, and unlimited connectivity.

  • Direct Switch Technology enables a stronger signal than other 2-wire GWR transmitters, providing better measurement capability and reliability.
  • Probe End Projection allows for measurement on very low dielectric products over long ranges.
  • Verification Reflector function provides simple and safe transmitter integrity testing straight from the control room.
  • Improved EMC performance with a Smart Galvanic Interface increases safety.
  • Easy integration into new or existing plants with a choice of 4-20 mA with superimposed HART, modbus output, or FOUNDATION ™ fieldbus with extensive support for PlantWeb® Alerts.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use configuration tools.
  • A wide range of probe styles to cover virtually any applications including extreme temperature and pressure probes for demanding environments.
  • Robust modular design and MultivariableTM transmitter resulting in low cost and increased safety.
  • Virtually unaffected by application conditions such as dust, vapor and interfering obstacles.
  • Certified per IEC61508 for SIL2 in single mode and SIL3 in redundant mode
  • Rosemount 9901 – high quality chambers for process level instrumentation
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Rosemount 3308 Series

The Rosemount 3308 WirelessHART level and interface transmitter:

•        Enables easy automation of level monitoring in locations previously inaccessible or too costly
•        Allows quick and easy top down installation without wiring, trenching or loop checks
•        Reduces field trips through reliability, accuracy and minimal maintenance
•        Optimizes tank usage and helps avoid spills by combining proven, world leading Rosemount GWR and Emerson       SmartWireless technologies
•        Forms a true wireless level monitoring and control solution with the Rosemount 2160 wireless vibrating fork switch

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3300 Guided Wave Radar Level transmitter

Reliable & effortless measurement in demanding applications

The Rosemount 3300 provides reliable and cost effective level measurements in most liquid storage and monitoring applications. Guided Wave Radar technology combined with advanced signal processing and sensitivity enables the Rosemount 3300 Series to deliver both level and interface measurement data from the same transmitter. Two-wire connections ensure easy and inexpensive installation. Features include:

  • Accurate, direct level measurement virtually unaffected by process conditions as changes in temperature, pressure, density or conductivity and handles dust, vapor and interfering obstacles
  • Minimized maintenance with no moving parts, modular design and no re-calibration required
  • Fewer process penetrations and reduced installation costs with a MultiVariable™ level and interface transmitter
  • Easy installation and commissioning through two-wire technology and user-friendly configuration
  • Easily integrated into existing HART and Modbus plant architecture.
  • High application flexibility with a wide range of process connections, probe styles , and accessories
  • Low operating cost and increased safety with robust design and high quality chambers - Rosemount 9901
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9901 Bypass Chambers

The Rosemount® 9901 is a range of high quality chambers which allow external mounting of level measurement and control instrumentation on process vessels.

The range offers a PED compliant design in accordance with ASME B31.3 or B31.1, allowing users to buy an integrated bolt-on instrument solution, or simply a chamber for use with existing instrumentation.

The 9901 series uses only certified and traceable materials and is manufactured using full penetration welds, with welders and welding procedures qualified to both ASME and European standards. All chambers are hydro tested on completion, with a full range of NDT or customer inspection options available to order.

  • Standardised or custom design to fit existing vessels
  • Allows external mounting of process level instrumentation
  • Enables live maintenance
  • Designed to ASME B31.3
  • ASME B31.1 available upon request
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) compliant
  • Used worldwide by major industries
  • Ideal for critical area and general purpose applications
  • Variety of process connections and optional drain and vent connections
  • More than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing chambers in accordance with international codes
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