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Rosemount Magnetic Flowmeters

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Rosemount Magnetic Flowmeters

The Rosemount magnetic flowmeters deliver industry leading performance and improved reliability coupled with intelligent diagnostics that help users across a variety of industries. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Rosemount 8700 Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitters

The Rosemount 8700 Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitters have multiple diagnostics available. Best-in-Class performance coupled with advanced diagnostics provide unparalleled process management capabilities. With an optional backlit Local Operator Interface (LOI), configuration changes and adjustments can be accomplished even in hazardous locations without exposing the electronics to the environment.

  • Advanced diagnostics give unparalleled information about process conditions and meter performance.
  • Dual compartment housing design that meets the most stringent international standards and ensures reliability in any environment.
  • Isolated Local Operator Interface (LOI) makes changes in the field safe and easy.
  • Available in an integral or remote mount design.
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Rosemount 8707 High Signal Magnetic Flowmeter System

The 8707 High-Signal Sensor, used in conjunction with the 8712H High-Signal Transmitter, forms the Rosemount High-Signal Magnetic Flowmeter System. This system provides stable flow measurement in the most difficult high-noise applications while maintaining the benefits of DC technology. The increased signal strength of the Rosemount high-signal system, coupled with advanced signal processing and superior filtering techniques, provides the solution to demanding flow measurement applications.

  • The 8712H utilizes a convenient well mount, dual compartment enclosure with the world’s most intuitive, easy to use Local Operator Interface (LOI).
  • High-signal System reduces process variability by providing the most stable flow output available.
  • Ideal solution for the noisiest applications found in the pulp & paper and mining industries.
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Rosemount 8705 Flanged Sensors

The Rosemount 8705 flanged sensors are fabricated from stainless and carbon steel and welded to provide a hermetic seal that protects against moisture and other contaminants. The sealed housing ensures maximum sensor reliability by protecting all internal components and wiring from the most hostile environments. All Rosemount magmeter systems use pulsed DC technology that provides continuous automatic zeroing to compensate for variations in the process environment.

  • All-welded sensor housing ensures reliability in the harshest environments
  • Wide range of sizes, lining materials and electrode materials to meet all of your magnetic flowmeter needs
  • ISO lay lengths
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Rosemount 8711 Wafer Sensor

The flangeless design of the 8711 wafer sensor make it an economical, compact, and lightweight alternative to flanged magnetic flowmeters. Alignment rings provided with every 8711 center the sensor in the process line and make installation easier.

  • Lightweight, easy-to-install sensor for many common flow applications
  • Wide range of sizes and electrode materials to meet your needs
  •  Cost-effective design
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Rosemount 8721 Hygienic Sensor and Sanitary Flowmeter

The Rosemount 8721 Hygienic Magnetic Sensor is specifically designed for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications that require a reliable, safe, and hygienic design.

  • All-welded sensor designed for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications
  • Contact surfaces constructed of FDA-approved materials that comply with 3-A and EHEDG standards
  • Lightweight compact design makes installation easy
  • Sizes range from 0.5 to 4 inch (15 to 100 mm)
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Rosemount 8700 Magnetic Flowmeters with Advanced Diagnostics

Rosemount 8700 Advanced Diagnostics provide more instrument and process information than any other magnetic flowmeter on the market. This information then enables better decision making and plant management.

This suite of Diagnostics enables you to improve your practices by providing you with a comprehensive package of instrument and process information. The Advanced Diagnostic process information will help to reduce commissioning time, improve process control, and improve the long term reliability of your flow measurements. Advanced Diagnostic instrument information reduces maintenance costs by providing troubleshooting capabilities that are easily accessible with a HART communicator or AMS® Suite: Intelligent Device Manager.

  • The ground and wiring fault detection diagnostic allows you to quickly verify that your installation is correct.
  •  8700 high process noise detection diagnoses the cause of a noisy flow measurement and provides a means to remove the variability.
  • With the Emerson meter verification diagnostic you can confirm the health of the entire flowmeter – transmitter and sensor – without any external equipment. In addition, it’s no longer necessary to remove the sensor from the process line, which saves time and money. 
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Rosemount 8750W Magnetic Flowmeter for Utility Water Applications

Performance, reliability and intelligent diagnostics make Rosemount Flowmeters the superior solution designed specifically for utility flow measurement. The easy-to-use, robust design provides the reliability and accuracy you need to keep your process running.

  • Reliable, robust design
  • Avoid unplanned shutdowns
  • Easy to use
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