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Gas Detection System Controller

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The Regard-1 can either be connected to a 4-20-mA transmitter or to Polytron-SE-Ex mV sensing heads. There are three fully configurable alarm relays: rising or falling, latching or non-latching. The alarm status is displayed via three LEDs. They will flash with a new alarm, light up continuously to display an acknowledged alarm situation or extinguish if there is no alarm. The gas concentration is displayed continually on a large LC display. If the alarm thresholds are exceeded or if a fault occurs, the integrated audible alarm will sound. To indicate a transmitter or system fault, a fault relay is provided, a separate fault led is provided on the panel which will flash under new fault condition, light continuously under acknowledged fault condition or will be extinguished under normal or healthy conditions. During maintenance, the maintenance or inhibit relay can be used to report this special status via a remote display.

The Dräger REGARD-1 is a standalone, self contained single channel control system for the detection of Toxic, Oxygen and Ex hazards. The control system is fully configurable for a single input from either a 4 to 20 mA transmitter or a Dräger Polytron SE Ex measuring head.

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REGARD 2400 and REGARD 2410

Whether they are mounted to a wall or integrated in the switch cabinet - the flexible small control units Regard 2400 and Regard 2410 reliably monitor the concentration of toxic gases and oxygen as well as combustible gases and vapours.

Up to four transmitters can be connected to the Regard 2400 and Regard 2410 control systems.
The Regard 2400 comes with an enclosure with integral power supply unit and can be mounted directly to a wall.
The Regard 2410 has been designed for economical mounting on DIN rails in existing switch or wall cabinets. Both versions have four integrated relays which are assigned to the two gas alarms, audible warning and fault condition.
In addition to the four inputs for transmitters, the Regard 2400/2410 also provide two digital inputs. This can be used for remote acknowledgement for example. Both devices have ATEX approval.

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The Regard 3900 is a standalone, autonomous control system for up to 16 gas detectors. It is fully configurable and monitors the concentration of toxic gases, oxygen and combustible gases and vapours.

The Regard 3900 can be equipped with up to four 4 - 20 mA input cards. Each input card can be connected to up to four gas detectors, either 2 or 3 wire, giving a maximum of 16 gas detectors per each Regard 3900. Each input module is equipped with three alarm relays.
These relays are designated as common alarms for the corresponding input card for "Fault", "1st alarm" and "2nd alarm". The 1st and 2nd alarm relays are fully configurable and can be set up as rising or falling and latching or non-latching.
In addition, the Regard 3900 can be equipped with up to two relay modules. Each relay module has eight additional relays.
In accordance with the ATEX directive, the first relay is always configured as a fault relay and cannot be changed. The other seven relays can be configured as individual, common or voting alarms. They can either operate as normally open or normally closed relays.
The alarm relays are acknowledged by operating a button at the front of the control unit.

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REGARD 19" rack

Tried and tested thousands of times and infinitely flexible. The modular Regard® control system can be individually adapted to any monitoring task. Suitable for SIL 2 systems, the Regard® system is also ATEX approved, and meets EMC directive standards.

The modular construction of the Regard system ensures a clear system structure. The system can be configured manually through each individual card, as a whole or in groups through the master card, or for even more simplicity, via a usb connection to PC or laptop. Configuration can be saved, compared to find changes or conflicts, or reverted to original configured state.

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