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MTL Fieldbus

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FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 provides an open, nonproprietary fieldbus network for control systems and field instruments. FOUNDATION™ H1 is intended primarily for process control, field-level interface and device integration. Foundation Fieldbus technology interconnects devices such as transmitters and actuators on a field network and supports a wide range of architectures, for both safe and hazardous area applications


Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies

MTL fieldbus power supplies are designed to provide redundant power for up to eight FOUNDATION™ fieldbus H1 segments and are suitable for use with all fieldbus systems. They are optimised for use in general purpose and hazardous area High Energy Trunk architectures which, with the appropriate FieldPlus wiring components, supports fieldbus devices using all hazardous area protection techniques. The power supplies are designed to optimise cabinet layouts, achieving the maximum number of fieldbus segments powered per cabinet while providing space for installing and maintaining cable connections and reducing the operating temperature. The F809F-Plus physical layer Fieldbus Diagnostics Module may be installed on any 9180 or F800 carrier to automatically collect and distribute additional diagnostic information for each of the eight fieldbus segments.

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Single-Segment Fieldbus Power Supplies

The F101, F102 and F104 fieldbus power supplies each provide power for a single FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 segment. Galvanic isolation, power conditioning and segment termination are incorporated. The F10x Series modules should be adopted for all new installations requiring single-segment, non-redundant power in small to medium scale applications such as batch processing. The range features:

  • Compact design
  • Fully isolated
  • Low power dissipation
  • DIN rail power bus option

A range of output voltages and currents is supported, allowing the modules to be used in a variety of fieldbus environments e.g.

  * The F101 is intended for use in applications that require live-workable, ‘energy-limited’ spurs in hazardous areas, where field devices are certified for up to 24V input. When used with Megablock wiring hubs with SpurGuard short circuit protection, the spurs are compatible with typical non-incendive and intrinsically safe fieldbus instruments in Zone 2 and Division 2.

  * The F102 is intended for all general-purpose applications. It has a high output voltage and is capable of powering heavily loaded segments and long cable lengths. It can also support energy-limited spurs with fieldbus devices having Ui≤ 30V.

  * The F104 ‘Eco Power’ module has low current consumption and is designed for use in applications where energy efficiency is important. A typical use would be in wind or solar-powered applications such as instrumentation nodes for remote well-heads. High efficiency is achieved by providing a lower output voltage to the fieldbus segment than with conventional fieldbus power supplies, eliminating unnecessary power dissipation in the fieldbus instruments. The 13V nominal output is sufficient to support up to 10 typical fieldbus instruments on a 200m trunk cable.

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Redundant FISCO Power Supplies

Since their introduction in 2002, the MTL simplex FISCO power supplies and wiring components have become the definitive solution for intrinsically safe fieldbus, and have been chosen by influential end users to protect major hazardous area networks worldwide. Plant operators have been able to take advantage of the benefits of a fully live-workable field network without the onerous restrictions on segment loading and maximum cable length that were imposed by earlier IS techniques. The existing product portfolio has established our credentials as technical leader for intrinsically safe fieldbus.

With the introduction of the 910x series of power supplies, we are the first to offer true redundancy for the FISCO concept, which will provide the highest level of reliability for critical hazardous area applications.

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Simplex FISCO Power Supplies

In a FISCO fieldbus network, the entire field circuit – including the trunk and all spurs - is intrinsically safe.  The fieldbus power supply includes an intrinsic safety barrier, and provides conditioned power to the fieldbus segment in the hazardous area. The fieldbus instruments together with the power supply and any associated wiring components, must be certified as intrinsic safety apparatus and must comply with FISCO requirements.  The field instruments may be located in a Zone 0 or 1, IIC or IIB hazardous area, depending on the certification of the individual components.

FISCO enjoys the benefits of any intrinsically safe instrumentation circuit. These advantages include the ability to live-work in the hazardous area without “gas clearance”, for example to add or remove a fieldbus instrument while the bus is energised in the presence of a flammable atmosphere. This is critical for Foundation fieldbus installations because field instruments need to be connected to a live network in order to establish communication with the host control system.

For easy integration with DCS Fieldbus Interface Modules (FIMs), we can supply Termination Boards that use the DCS client system interconnect cables. These support up to four power supplies and have built-in segment terminators.

Users wanting to connect to entity-only certified devices please refer to our spur connector range.

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Classic Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies

The F600A Series has now been superseded by their equivalent in the 9180 Series. For new applications, the 9180 Series is recommended, this offers benefits of greater efficiency, multichannel modules and superior functionality.
The F600A Series option provides multi-segment fieldbus power using the FPS-IPM power modules.
Where indicated below, "Drawings" are dxf files of the product that may be included in AutoCAD® or equivalent CAD software packages.

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