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Alarm Annunciators

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NEW SmartAlarm Annunciator

The new SmartAlarm Annunciator brings together many years of experience in Alarm Annunciator design, combined with new technology to offer you a compact, but advanced alarm monitoring system. The SmartAlarm comes in three package sizes that offer’s one of the industry’s lowest operating power profiles for a similar device. Using the latest in componentry our unique design offers flexibility in parameter configuration and low cost of ownership.

The main features of this unit include:


  • Compact DIN Box design to provide alarm visualisation in almost any panel.
  • Five LED colours – Front accessible LED’s provide alarm discrimination by colour
  • Front Panel USB programming port allows access to change any parameter behind an IP54 rated plug.
  • Integral power supply, Universal supply for direct connection to either 18-58VDC or 85-265VAC (88-360VDC)
  • Comprehensive diagnostics, warning LEDs and common relays are used to provide indication of any problems with the alarm system
  • Flexible relays, Four output relays can be used and configured as group relays, audible relays or diagnostic relays
  • Each system is supplied with 4 Mappable pushbuttons and Internal Audible to cover almost all alarm applications
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Series 725B Combined Annunciator and Event Recorder

Our new 725B Combined Annunciator and Event Recorder brings together many years of development in Alarm Annunciator technology to offer you the most advanced alarm monitoring system available today.

The 725B uses CANBUS® communication technology and our unique multi-redundant design to offer the best combination of reliability, flexibility, usability and cost of ownership.

Based on our field-proven Series 725 Alarm Annunciator, the 725B is the ideal solution for monitoring your critical alarms whatever the size or complexity of the system:


  • Multi-redundant design so there is no single point of failure
  • Modular construction – units can be assembled in almost any shape and size from 1 to 256 channels with a choice of three window sizes and six colours
  • Interchangeable, ultra-bright white LED illumination
  • 1ms Event Recording functionality up to 256 points can be supplied
  • Fully configurable for each individual point using a standard USB connection to PC or laptop
  • Integral power supply, optional universal supply for direct connection to 85-264VAC or 88-360VDC
  • Comprehensive diagnostics, warning LEDs and common relays are used to provide indication of any problems with the alarm system
  • Flexible relays, up to 32 output relays can be used and configured as group relays, audible relays or diagnostic relays
  • Each system is supplied with 6 pushbuttons and dual audibles to cover almost all alarm applications
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SIL725 Safety Annunciator

The SIL725 Safety Annunciator is designed and manufactured to provide a high safety integrity for critical alarm applications and for use as a component part of a safety instrumented system. The unit is third party certified by SIRA using the CASS methodology at safety integrity level SIL2 to IEC61508. With a modular construction, units can be constructed from one to 128 channels with a choice of two window sizes and six colours. Whatever the size and complexity of your alarm scheme, the SIL725 can be configured to provide the best solution. The SIL2 Annunciator builds on the success of our field-proven multi-redundant ASIC technology but takes the design to new levels of safety and reliability. The user may select from a vast range of different operating functions and alarm sequences. All configuration, normal servicing and maintenance are carried out easily from the front of the unit, without the need for special tools.

The SIL725 Safety Alarm Annunciator gives the best in reliability, flexibility and programmability for critical alarm applications and as part of a safety instrumented system.

  • SIRA certified at safety integrity level SIL2 to IEC61508
  • Modular construction from 1 to 128 alarm channels
  • Multi redundant design
  • Choice of window sizes
  • Ultra-bright LED illumination as standard in six colours
  • Each channel configurable from the front
  • Panel or 19" rack mounting or fully integrated into wall mounting or floor standing enclosures
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Series 725 - Programmable Alarm Annunciators

Series 725 Alarm Annunciator provides the ideal solution to all your alarm system requirements.

This innovative and unique design gives exceptional flexibility, reliability and programmability. 

  • Only 145mm deep
  • Fully programmable with power applied and without having to remove, lightboxes, backplanes, or alarm cards.
  • Proven, ASIC-based technology: fewer components means higher reliability
  • Ultra bright LED's available in a range of six colours
  • Surpasses the EMC and LVD directives
  • However simple or complex your alarm requirement the Series 725, with its condensed ASIC technology and "no master module" philosophy, will give the most cost effective solution.

With a range of three window sizes, six colours and a choice of bulbs or ultra-bright LED illumination, a format and size will be available to match your exact requirements.

Each individual alarm way is fully programmable from the front, using the integral programming module. This allows for many different features giving thousands of possible combinations.

Numerous relay outputs are included as standard to connect to external equipment and individual repeat relays can be supplied as an option. The ASIC technology utilised in this design has a proven track record in a wide range of industries around the world.

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UC625 - Programmable Alarm Annunciator

The RTK UC625 Alarm System, developed from the field proven P625 range of alarm annunciators, offers the latest in ASIC technology packed into an compact design for applications where panel space is at a premium.

However simple or complex your alarm requirement, the UC625 with compact packaging, ASIC Technology and "no master module" philosophy, will give the most cost-effective solution.

Programmable alarm sequence, signal duplicating relays, dual horn relays, LED display, proven ASIC technology and dual redundant universal power inputs make it ideal for all industry sectors.

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Wall Mounting Alarm Annunciator System

This flexible Wall Mounting Annunciator range is supplied as a finished Alarm System ready to mount onto a wall or vertical structure. The system is a fully operational Annunciator System complete with MCB, Power Supply, audible, control pushbuttons and terminals. All alarm ways are wired to terminals ready for direct connection on site through the bottom mounted un-drilled gland plate. All that is required is the connection of the supply voltage and the alarm contacts. The System can be supplied with a choice of different Annunciators depending on the application requirements. The Annunciator can include a Power Supply, DC/DC Converter or battery backed standby supply.

  • Modular construction from 1 to 256 alarm channels
  • Complete alarm system with all required terminals, audibles, power supplies and pushbuttons
  • Choice of different Annunciators
  • Choice of enclosure material
  • Ready for immediate installation on site
  • Available with different power supply arrangements
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P725LO - Display Facia

The P725LO is available in 3 different window sizes, Large (60mm x 60mm), Medium (30mm x 60mm), and Small (30mm x 30mm).

Any combination of sizes can be used within a single display.

Alarms can be prioritised using Red, Yellow, Amber, Blue, Green or White Nameplates and or LED's in place of conventional filament lamps.

Options exist for direct application of 48vdc or 110vdc lamp drive signals.

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DF30 - Display Facias

DF30 is available in four different window sizes, extra small, small, medium and large as listed below.

Any combination of these window sizes can be supplied in any format, mixed as required in a single display to make up the appropriate matrix required.


  • Extra Small (30x15mm)
  • Small (30x30mm)
  • Medium (60x30rnm)
  • Large (60x60mm)
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LN1000 - Intrinsically Safe Annunciator

LN1000 Intrinsically Safe Annunciator provides a unique solution for problems with hazardous area alarm indication. The annunciator provides a visual display of the alarm status including 'first-up' information and can be mounted in the hazardous area for the benefit of operators working in any Zone.


The lightweight stainless steel construction gives a compact and simple to install modular unit which can easily be expanded by the addition of extra alarm cards.


Maintenance can be carried out live without the necessity of 'gas checks' or prior shutdown. Unlike flameproof, purged and type 'N' systems, installation is simple and relatively low cost.


Power to the annunciator is supplied from the safe area through a single Intrinsically Safe interface for up to 32 channels.


With the addition of a number of ancillary devices a complete intrinsically safe alarm and control package can be provided.

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PEX 7250 - Explosion Proof Alarm Annunciator

The PEX7250 Explosion Proof Alarm Annunciator offers a vast range of features and benefits normally reserved for use in safe area annunciators only. The heart of the system is our field proven Series 725 Alarm Annunciator which is available in 3 individual window sizes 30mm x 30mm, 30mm x 60mm or 60mm x 60mm. Reliability of the system is vastly improved over conventional systems with the use of ASIC's (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) for each pair of alarms, removing any reliance on common control cards. The standard enclosure is copper free cast alloy, finished in a light grey two-part epoxy paint, making it ideal for offshore applications. 

Systems are available in a range of formats and sizes and are certified for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. All systems are automatically covered by our standard 5 Year Warranty.

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24V DC Power Supply Units

For the many control and instrumentation products which require a safe supply of 24V DC, RTK Instruments can supply a broad range of power supplies to suit different applications. Failing into two distinct categories, linear/unregulated and switch model stabilised, the designs maintain the high reliability required for demanding industrial applications.

The switch mode power supplies are generally smaller and offer the most cost effective solution for low power applications, up to about 5OW. The unregulated supplies are ideally suited to the higher current outputs typically encountered on alarm annunciator applications. Because of their simple and rugged design they have been adopted in many industrial sectors and have a proven reliability record over more than 15 years.

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SA5 Safe Area Multitone Sounder

The SA5 Safe Area Multitone Sounder is a high specification, cost effective alarm Sounder with a sound output of up to 112dBA, ideally suited to areas of high ambient noise.

The unit has a choice of 32 tones, including all the major international standards, which are user selectable using a DIL switch during installation. A second tone is available, which can be switched in by the connection of a third wire to the sounder. The IP65 rated casing provides a high level of durability and resistance to environmental conditions. All connections are made to the base and the sounder head twists and locks into position on commissioning, avoiding wiring and connection problems.

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Dual Redundant Power Supply

Sold in conjunction with many of the our industrial control and instrumentation products these Power Supplies will provide a stable and safe DC working voltage in industrial applications for many years.

The RT-AD range is based on two RT range Power Supplies to give the customer a reliable dual redundant power module together with indication and relay output used to indicate PSU failure.

  • Flexible dual redundant power supply
  • Incorporates two high quality switch mode power supplies
  • AC and DC input versions
  • Fully protected output
  • Typical hold up 20ms at 240VAC
  • Input overload and reverse current protection
  • Compact and efficient
  • Proven reliability
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