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Rotary Valves

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When capacity and performance are the requirements rotary valves are the answer.  Popular rotary products include butterfly, eccentric plug, full bore pipeline, high performance butterfly and segmented ball. 

Eccentric Plug Valves

The eccentric plug rotary control valve features an eccentrically mounted plug or ball, which combines rotary valve efficiency with globe valve ruggedness. The Fisher® V500 is designed for severe and/or erosive service and features sealed bearings, an oversized one piece valve shaft and a variety of replaceable wear resistant trims ranging from SST to Ceramic. The Fisher CV500 features the same ruggedness of the V500 but uses a segmented ball as the control member rather than a plug. The CV500 has higher capacity than the V500 and features an equal percentage characteristic for better control performance.  Both of the valves feature a splined valve shaft, which provides zero lost motion when coupled to a Fisher rotary actuator

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Full Bore Pipeline Ball Valves

Full- or reduced-bore ball valves provide a solution for throttling and severe service applications in gas transmission lines, gas distribution, or liquid pipelines.

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High-Performance Butterfly Valves

Fisher high-performance butterfly valves feature an eccentrically mounted disc and are known for their wide application range and shutoff capability. They are available for a variety of control and isolation service from cryogenic to high temperature and pressure classes to ASME CL2500 and sizes from NPS 2 to 72. High-performance butterfly valves are designed for isolation on/off service, as well as low-tier control. The valves feature keyed, double D, or square valve shafts. Shutoff is provided by a variety of seals which include metal, PTFE and fire-tested and cryogenic. 

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Segmented Ball Valves

Vee-Ball™  is a segmented ball valve which features a patented contoured segmented V-notch ball. The V-notch ball produces an equal-percentage flow characteristic allowing for wide rangeability and a broad control range. The segmented ball also provides a non-restrictive flow path through the valve allowing for high capacity flows. The Vee-Ball valve features a variety of seals to allow for excellent shutoff and shearing between the ball and seal upon closure. Options include noise/cavitation reduction trim, high nickel alloy and titanium bodies.

The splined drive shaft of the Vee-Ball combines with a variety of power and manual actuators to provide reliable, high-performance throttling or on-off operation for many different applications.

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