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Rosemount Tank Gauging System

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Secure efficient operations, reduce risk and minimize measurement uncertainty with the scalable and open architecture Rosemount Tank Gauging System. Get complete tank storage information in one fully integrated system which enables you to:

  • Get certified custody transfer accuracy based on innovative radar technology
  • Comply with overfill prevention standards such as API 2350 – use certified SIL 2 and
  • SIL 3 capable devices
  • Benefit from unique 2-in-1 technology for redundancy and reduced installation cost
  • Simplify automation and expansion with Smart Wireless solutions
  • Improve inventory and custody transfer operations with tank management software
  • Use gauge emulation to easily replace old mechanical gauges from other vendors


Rosemount Tank Gauging System






Industry leading radar level gauges enable high precision custody transfer, inventory and operational control.





Temperature and Free Water Level
Ultra-stable and accurate average temperature, spot temperature and free water level sensors provide temperature measurement and net volume calculation input.





Liquid and vapor pressure measurement using one or more pressure sensors for density, mass, and pressure calculations.




Communication and Accessories
A wide range of supplementary devices such as switches, display, communication units and cabinets make installation easy and cost effective.





Inventory Management Software
Manage all your operations, batch handling and API net volume inventory data. Configure your system easily.





Eliminate the need for long distance field wiring and reduce installation costs with wireless tank gauging. Get tank data from tanks previously out of reach.







TankRadar Pro
TankRadar Pro Series includes products for level and temperature measurement in medium accuracy applications.

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