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Remote Automation Solutions

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Remote Automation Solutions is the leading global supplier delivering cutting-edge solutions at the Wellpad, Pipeline, and Terminal segments. Our complete solutions drive greater profitability, operational efficiency, and safety for Wellpads, Pipelines, Storage Terminals and Distribution Systems worldwide.

Products and Systems

The systems and tools that provide the decision integrity to run your operation at its full potential. Browse our SCADA Systems, Flow Computers/RTUs, custom applications, innovative logistics software and more.


Pipeline Management Solutions

If the operational integrity of a commercial liquids or gas pipeline is mission-critical to your business, we have the integrated software solutions your company needs to help you design, manage and optimize it better.

We’re the world’s leading provider of innovative decision support software, services and expertise that can deliver the solutions you need to enhance operational efficiency, profitability and safety across any size pipeline, storage terminal or distribution system worldwide. We offers solutions across the entire oil and gas pipeline and storage value chain.


Our Pipeline Management Solutions products work across both liquids and gas and include:

The industry-leading solution for pipeline design, simulation and analysis

The ultimate on-line simulation and modeling tool for pipeline operations and pipeline leak detection

Emerson’s powerful, proprietary business intelligence (BI) tool for faster, better decisions
The industry’s most precise real-world pipeline training simulator


The Pipeline Management products from Emerson cover a broad spectrum of Energy Transportation challenges, including:

• Leak Detection
• Theft Detection
• Predictive/Lookahead/Forward Modeling
• Pipeline Specific Trainer/Simulator
• Pipeline and Distribution Network (or LDC) Optimization
• Pipeline Design
• Flow Assurance
• Survival Time Studies
• Capacity Studies
• Operations Analysis

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Liquids Management Solutions

Emerson’s Liquids Management Solutions (LMS) help you manage the commercial operations of your petroleum supply chain more efficiently. Our solutions’ help you to maximize your profit through the use of advanced software solutions.

Our solutions are used to manage over 240 terminals, schedule over 50 pipelines, and invoice for thousands of truck movements every day and run some of the world’s largest pipeline, terminal and marine companies. These solutions were purpose-built – developed so that you can operate your petroleum supply chain with confidence; not compromise.

Our solutions will help you to:
• Transport and Store More While Using the Same Assets
• Unlock More Value from Your Petroleum Supply Chain
• Grow Your Business By Attracting More Customers and Increasing Your Profit


The LMS Product portfolio contains:

Order to cash for pipelines, terminals and marine

Operational scheduling for pipeline systems

Terminal and tank scheduling

Planning and Scheduling for networks (pipelines, marine, rail, road)

Optimal operations to minimize cost while maximizing throughput


The LMS products cover a broad spectrum of Energy Transportation challenges, including:

• Complete Order-to-Cash Management: Pipeline Transaction Management
     - Terminal Transaction Management
     - Marine Transaction Management
• Pipeline Scheduling for batched liquids pipelines
• Terminal Scheduling
• Complex Transportation Network Planning
• Marine Scheduling, including Vessels and Docks
• Pipeline optimization for batched liquids pipelines

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Gas Management Solutions

From upstream gas gathering, to midstream gas processing and downstream natural gas distribution, the continuous flow of natural gas and natural gas products plays a critical role in helping to support the world’s clean energy needs. Emerson has the industry-proven decision support software; services and expertise to help keep this continuous flow of gas moving more efficiently, effectively and safely across any size pipeline network, anywhere in the world.

Our Gas Management Solutions (GMS) deliver a range of capabilities unmatched by any other single vendor for natural gas, CO2, methane and other gas distribution systems:


The industry-leading solution for pipeline design, simulation and analysis

An industry-proven logistics and commercial management system for pipelines and local distribution companies (LDCs)

A Powerful, off-the-shelf solution for pipelines operating in regulated or merchant markets worldwide

A neural network-driven gas-demand forecast system for predictive management and modeling


The GMS products cover a broad spectrum of Energy Transportation challenges, including:

• Natural Gas Pipeline Transaction Management
• Optimizing Natural Gas Contracts and Fulfillment
• Shippers Transaction Management for Natural Gas Pipelines
• Contracts Management for Local Distribution Companies (LDCs)
• Transaction Management and Accounting for Natural Gas Gathering Systems
• Transaction Management and Accounting for Natural Gas Processing Plants
• Inter-State/Intra-State Natural Gas Transmission Management
• Predictive analytic solutions to forecast system-wide natural gas demand

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Terminal Logistics

Industry Challenges:

Secure movement
When a ship, truck or railcar arrives, users must ensure that it is registered, scheduled and authorized to perform the required task. In addition, ships must meet port and docking requirements and trucks must have certified drivers.

Access site
Sites manage the movement and storage of many different kinds of potentially dangerous materials every day. With constant material comings and goings, site management must monitor who is in their area at all times for security purposes.

Authorize users
Most people have authorization to be in certain areas, yet many people with different levels of security clearance come and go from sites each day. Sites require controls that allow only authorized users to work with systems that run the site. For security purposes, sites must secure their practices and ensure that unauthorized users do not have access.

Train users
All sites must make sure their users are up-to-date on training schedules and are able to follow all procedures safely and securely.


How Syncade Helps:

Syncade Terminal Logistics can effectively manage and adapt your logistics operations to address these site security challenges:

  • Entry/Exit Authentication
  • Loadrack/Jetty Access Control
  • Business Permissives
  • Allocation Control
  • Order Management
  • Throughput Reporting
  • Meter Totalizer Reporting
  • Alarm Reporting
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RTUs and Flow Computers

Whether you are looking for maximum flexibility or fit-for-purpose, we have the right RTU/Flow Computer for your application.

ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controller
The ROC800L combines the power of the ROC800-Series Remote Operation Controllers with the application software needed to measure and control the flow of liquid hydrocarbons and gas.

DL8000 Preset Controller
The DL8000 Preset Controller is based on the popular and high performing ROC800- Series remote operations controller. This new design delivers accurate measurement and reliable control, local or remote, via Ethernet or serial (Modbus) communications.

[S600+] FloBoss™ S600+ Flow Computer
The FloBoss S600+ is a high end panel mount flow computer suitable for fiscal and custody transfer applications. This maximum-performance flow computer ably handles ten gas or liquid meter runs, with power and flexibility to allow it handle much more.

FloBoss™ 503 Flow Manager
A high-performance single-run flow computer for differential-pressure metering of natural gas. The FloBoss 503 is designed for Class I Division 2 hazardous locations.

FloBoss™ 107E Flow Manager
The FloBoss 107E is an environmentally-packaged version of the FloBoss 107 flow computer. With the available touchpad user interface makes the FloBoss 107E the ideal solution for many remote installations.

FloBoss™ 107 Flow Manager
The FloBoss 107 is perfect for a single or multi-run flow computer or few or many I/O points. It is the ideal measurement solution for many natural gas applications.

FloBoss™ 104 Flow Manager
A high-performance, compact, single-run flow computer for fiscal metering of natural gas when used with pulse-generating devices, such as rotary or turbine meters.

FloBoss™ 103 Flow Manager
A cost-effective, single-run flow computer for differential-pressure metering of natural gas. The FloBoss 103 is housed in a compact enclosure designed for Class I Division 1 hazardous areas.


ControlWave® RTUs


ControlWave® Redundant Control Systems
ControlWave Redundant Control Systems come in several configurations to suit your needs and your budget. They offer reliability, speed, and superior functionality.

ControlWave® PAC – Process Automation Controller
The ControlWave PAC is a highly-adaptable, high-performance controller with exceptional networking capability for local plant and remote control applications.

ControlWave® Micro - Hybrid RTU/PLC
The ControlWave Micro Hybrid RTU/PLC is a cost-effective, space-efficient, low power consumption package required by small to mid-sized applications.

ControlWave® I/O Expansion Racks
I/O scalability, flexibility, and economy are provided through the use of ControlWave I/O Expansion Racks. Modular expansion to meet your project requirements.

ControlWave® ExpressPAC – Pre-engineered SCADA RTU
ControlWave ExpressPAC is a highly integrated and pre-engineered package solution that combines the ControlWave Express RTU with a variety of options commonly required for SCADA applications.

ControlWave® Express – SCADA RTU/PLC
ControlWave Express is a compact, yet powerful RTU with exceptionally low power consumption for remote site SCADA applications.

ControlWave® Ethernet Remote I/O
ControlWave Ethernet Remote I/O modules are the ideal solution to the ever-increasing demand for distributed I/O architectures, while minimizing installation cost.

ControlWave® CPU Conversion Kits for Network 3000 Products
The new CW_10 and CW_30 CPU conversion kits offer a cost-effective upgrade path to the ControlWave architecture for existing Bristol 3310 and 3330 systems

ControlWave® EFM
The ControlWave EFM Flow Computer is designed for multi-station, multi-run measurement and control applications. It provides the flexibility in I/O and communications of an RTU in a flow computer package.

ControlWave® GFC
The ControlWave GFC is a cost effective, competitive solution for an integrated, “all in one box” chart replacement. Pre-programmed to meet users' automation needs.

ControlWave® GFC Plus
The ControlWave GFC Plus offers all the advantages of ControlWave GFC, but with a higher capacity power system that supports 'fast duty cycle' radio operation.

ControlWave® XFC
The ControlWave XFC Flow Computer is designed for those installations which use explosion-proof equipment. The XFC provides measurement and control for single and dual metering and control applications.


Integrated Wireless Solutions


Distributed RTU™ Network
The Distributed RTU™ Network answers the challenge of connecting multiple wells spread over a wide geographical area in a cost effective and user-friendly way.

Wireless IEC 62591 RTU Interface
Communication reliability by enhanced operational performance, efficiency integrating with industry leading ROC800, FloBoss, and ControlWave® product families to address the needs of the upstream and midstream oil and gas markets.

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Preset Controllers

The DL8000 Preset Controller is based on the popular and high performing ROC800- Series remote operations controller. This new design delivers accurate measurement and reliable control, local or remote, via Ethernet or serial (Modbus) communications.

The preset is capable of double-precision math. Computations are made in accordance with Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) standards and utilize double-precision floating point math to minimize meter-to-meter differences, make volume corrections highly precise, and avoid premature roll-over of totalizers.

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Integrated Wireless Solutions

Distributed RTU™ Network
Distribute wireless control across a network of RTU/Flow Computers

Wireless RTU Interface (IEC 62591)
Empower field personnel to confingure, diagnose, and program locally on site

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SCADA Software

OpenEnterprise v3 streamlines your Oil and Gas operations to:

  • Increase Operational Efficiency with Production Visibility
  • Gain Competitive Business Agility
  • Achieve Faster Startups and Reduce Project Implementation time

Key Advantages of OpenEnterprise are:

  • Business Agility. Rapid application development and change management ensure a competitive edge
  • Lower Lifecycle Costs. Reusable SCADA objects enable management of very large complex field installations
  • Increased Operational Efficiency. Ease-of-use tools and flexible distributed architecture designed for Oil & Gas applications
  • Improved Decision Making. Connect enterprise with field operations via open standards
  • Future-Proof Investment. Secure your automation investment for the long term with ‘IT-friendly’ SCADA (security, scalability, serviceability, support and upgrades/migration)

Key Benefits of OpenEnterprise V3

  • Reduced system management costs and resources
  • Reduced cost to support mixture of legacy and current hardware, and reduce migration costs
  • Ease of integration with business systems
  • Improved business processes and access to data
  • Standardization of operational processes (independent of installed field equipment)
  • Improved operator efficiency

What is OpenEnterprise V3?

OpenEnterprise v3 is the latest release of Emerson’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solution, which targets the requirements of the global Oil & Gas production, transmission, and distribution industries. It has been developed to meet current industry requirements and standards, and incorporates Emerson’s experience with previous generations of SCADA over the last 40 years.

This has shaped the product into a user-friendly platform that significantly lowers project lifecycle costs and increases operational efficiency compared with traditional SCADA packages.

OpenEnterprise allows users to implement Wide Area SCADA solutions quickly and efficiently, reducing costs and providing an effective solution for managing large, widely distributed data collection networks that include a diverse range of field hardware and equipment.

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Application Software

Key Benefits:
• Achieve greater production
• Ensure consistency between locations
• Reduce lifecycle costs
• Protect your people by reducing unnecessary time in the field

With Emerson's SmartProcess Oil and Gas Application Suite, you have turnkey, off-the-shelf applications available for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing your operations. Gone are the days of investing the time or money to create custom programs-and the associated costs of supporting it over its lifecycle. We’ve leveraged industry experts to develop best-in-class application software for your critical operations in the oilfield to help you maximize your efficiency, safety, and profitability.

The SmartProcess Oil and Gas Application Suite focuses on enhancing your Production and Transmissions operations by offering a library of best-in-class applications in your pocket so you can repeatedly automate your operations to maximize performance, improve consistency, reducing engineering and support costs, and reduce process faults.

The SmartProcess™ Oil and Gas Application Suite allows you to:

Achieve Greater Production
Our optimization algorithms for artificial lift have been refined and proven on tens of thousands of sites – resulting in 3-5% production rate increases.

Ensure consistency between locations
One customer recently reviewed seven “identical” units and found discrepancies between how each were controlled. The solution? Deploy standard software applications to do it the right way every time.

Reduce lifecycle costs
Making changes is as simple as clicking configuration choices, eliminating the need to pay for customer programming. The result? Save up to $30K per site over the lifecycle.

Protect your people by reducing unnecessary time in the field
Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities in the Oil & Gas industry. Keep your people safe by reducing startup time, eliminating unnecessary process faults, and getting better process visibility from the office.

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Configuration Software

From configuration tools for RTUs and flow computers to SCADA host, our software options help you to optimize production, operations, and reliability.


Configuration Software


[OE Field Tools] Field Tools
Field Tools is an integrated software toolkit that empowers oil and gas field technicians to configure, diagnose, and program assets locally in the field to optimize field time, reduce installation cost, and increase operating efficiency.

OpenBSI Utilities Suite
OpenBSI Utilities packages offer the optimum functionality to technicians, engineers and operators when using ControlWave and Bristol RTU, Flow Computer and 3808 transmitter products.

ROCLINK™ 800 Configuration Software
ROCLINK 800 is a configuration software for Remote Operations Controller and FloBoss Flow Manager products.

DS800 Development Suite
DS800 Development Suite designed for both FloBoss Flow Computers and ROC800- Series increases ease of use and functionality with IEC61131-3 graphical programming languages.

ControlWave® Designer
ControlWave Designer is a fully IEC 61131-3 compliant programming package for configuration of continuous and discrete control applications for Bristol RTU, Flow Computer products.

Config 600® Configuration Software for the FloBoss™ S600+
The Config600 Configuration Software suite provides the tools to configure FloBoss S600+ Flow Managers.

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