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Emerson’s five decades of power and water expertise embedded within the Ovation™ distributed control system offers a reliable and innovative platform that safely evolves with technology to ensure plant availability and profitability.‹


Products & Systems

The Ovation distributed control system (DCS) utilizes commercially available, off-the-shelf technology to provide a powerful and secure architecture while allowing your system to easily progress with rapidly advancing computer technologies.


Ovation™ Controller

Secure and Powerful Controller Technology

Emerson Process Management’s Ovation™ expert control system incorporates a powerful controller for secure, mission-critical operations such as those of power and water plants.

 The Ovation Controller executes simple or complex modulating and sequential control strategies, performs data acquisition functions, and interfaces to the Ovation Network and various I/O sub-systems. It has the capability to originate up to 32,000 points.

The open architecture of the Ovation Controller uses a powerful real-time operating system running on PCI bus PC architecture. This design allows rapidly advancing technology to be easily integrated into the system - protecting your investment in software.

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Ovation™ Engineering Station and Tools

The integrated Ovation™ engineer workstation allows plant personnel to configure, maintain, and operate an Ovation system all from a single source. The intuitive graphical interface of the engineer workstation enables users to focus on the plant or control process at hand rather than the base program.

Ovation Developer Studio Software

At the heart of the engineer workstation is the Ovation Developer Studio, a comprehensive software application that manages configuration of the entire Ovation system. As a fully integrated advanced software program, the Developer Studio creates and maintains Ovation drop types, control strategies, process graphics, point records, and system-wide configurations, including security.

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Ovation™ Machinery Health™ Monitor

The Ovation™ Machinery Health™ Monitor is a revolutionary and robust solution for simplifying asset prediction, protection and process control. With both machinery health and protection functions now consolidated within an Ovation distributed control system, users experience a host of benefits including easier system upgrades, improved maintenance & lifecycle processes and secure connectivity.

Ovation's Machinery Health Monitor provides API 670 protection on critical plant equipment including pumps, motors, steam turbine generators, gas turbines, hydroelectric turbines and boiler feed pumps.

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Ovation™ Network

Seamless, Dynamic Communication Capabilities

Optimized for confident, secure control of the complicated processes involved in power
generation and water treatment, Ovation™ expert control system offers seamless, dynamic
communication capabilities. Utilizing the most current and applicable technology available,
Emerson Process Management provides a state-of-the-art network as the standard
communication interface within the Ovation system.

The Ovation Network is a robust, fault tolerant, 100 Mbps, commercially available communications network designed for mission-critical process control applications. Implementation of the Ovation network provides the utmost in system reliability, security, and performance. The flow of process data is uninterrupted by any single component, cable, or device failure.

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Ovation™ Operation Workstations

Plant Operations Control

Effective control requires a clear and concise picture of plant operations. Using Microsoft Windows® technology, Ovation™ operator workstation software provides a dynamic view of all plant processes with the stability, performance, and flexibility needed to operate modern control systems.

High-resolution windows are used to present control graphics, diagnostics, trends, alarms, and status displays. Access to dynamic system points, historical data, general messages, standard function displays, event logging, and a sophisticated alarm management program is available through intuitive operator navigation tools.

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Ovation™ Process Historian

Mass Storage and Retrieval of all Process Control System Data

Emerson Process Management’s Ovation™ Process Historian provides mass storage and retrieval of process data, alarms, sequence-of-events (SOE), and operator actions for the Ovation™ expert control system.

The speed, power, and flexibility of the historian allow it to organize vast amounts of real-time process data and present meaningful information to all users of process information, including operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel. Integrated tools provide viewing, sorting, and data analysis at the Ovation control system without the need for additional software, and separate applications bring similar capability to users’ desktop computers.

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Ovation™ Safety Instrumented Systems

Safer, More Reliable Process Operations

Emerson Process Management’s Ovation SIS is certified for SIL3 applications, and available with Ovation 3.3.1 or later. This smart SIS approach uses the power of predictive field intelligence to increase the availability of the entire safety instrumented function.

Emerson Process Management takes a holistic approach by continuously diagnosing the sensors and logic solvers’ ability to perform on demand as required for a smart SIS solution. Now you can minimize the costly practices of ongoing manual proof tests with the embedded predictive diagnostics and the digital communications of the PlantWeb™ architecture.

Ovation SIS meets IEC 61508 standards to help you follow IEC 61511 best practices.​

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Ovation™ SCADA Server

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Communication Server

The Ovation™ Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Communication Server allows important information from SCADA remote terminal units to be readily available to the control system and the desktops of supervisors and managers throughout the organization — enabling them to make faster, more effective decisions.

Coupled with the powerful Ovation system, the Ovation SCADA communication server brings process automation of mission critical processes to the control system and desktops of your organization enabling your team to make faster, more effective decisions.

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Ovation™ Security Center

Cybersecurity Without Disrupting the Controlled Process

The Ovation™ Security Center is designed to provide security management functions for an Ovation expert control system; providing essential security management functions for the FERC and NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards. The Security Center  consists of a suite of security packages and services that have the ability to enhance and manage cyber security without disrupting the controlled process.

The Ovation Security Center's centrally located management console is equipped with modules that manage security events, patch retrieval and deployment, malware prevention, log storage and reporting, intrusion prevention, data recovery, and vulnerability discovery.

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Ovation™ Simulation Solutions

The Most Realistic Operations Training Experience Available

Ovation™ simulation by Emerson provides scalable engineered solutions for operator training and certification programs, procedure development and validation, control logic testing and verification, as well as engineering test-bed scenarios for plant process improvements.

Ovation embedded simulation combines the platform for plant control and simulation, eliminating the need to interface with third-party models. High-fidelity simulation algorithms based on dynamic, first-principle engineering and thermodynamic relationships are created with standard Ovation control system configuration and management software applications to provide a single cohesive environment for plant control and simulation.

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Ovation™ Training

Control Systems Training Courses

Designed for the Ovation platform, these courses cover the setup, configuration, maintenance, and administration of the system. All Ovation courses, with the exception of OV200-WIN 3.0.X, will be taught on Ovation 3.3 or later level software with the Windows 7 Operating System.

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Ovation™ Expert Transition for ABB Control Systems

Transition for Legacy Bailey Systems

With our Ovation Expert Transition for Legacy Bailey Systems, Bailey users can take advantage of leading edge Ovation technology without the expense and risk of a complete system replacement. Dated technology is costly. Spare parts are difficult to find, equipment downtime occurs more frequently, and the ability to interact with newer technology can be difficult. Emerson Process Management recognizes these issues and has developed programs to migrate older distributed controls to the more efficient and economical Ovation™ expert control system.

With state-of-the-art hardware and software that bridge communication between Ovation and ABB DCSs, Emerson's Ovation Migration for ABB systems provides ABB users alternatives to purchasing an entirely new system. We offer four cost-effective migration avenues to fit our customers' unique objectives, such as Systems Interconnect, Console Replacement,  Termination Unit Reuse, and Complete Replacement.

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Ovation™ Expert Transition for Siemens Teleperm XP

Transition for Legacy Teleperm XP Control Systems

Transition your Teleperm XP control systems to proven Ovation technology for enhanced turbine operations. Emerson migration programs have been proven to reduce project costs and improve plant operations in hundreds of installations on various control system platforms, even those from other vendors.

The key to Emerson's transition strategy is an integrated Profibus DP I/O module that interfaces directed to the Profibus DP communication network used in the Teleperm XP system to connect whe ET200M I/O. Emerson's transition program includes a total replacement of the embedded Teleperm XP SIMADYN system with native Ovation turbine I/O modules.

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WDPF-to-Ovation Migration

Retain Legacy WDPF Investments with Ovation

You don't become the leader in the process control industry without a powerful commitment to customer support. Since we first introduced our WDPF system in 1982, we have demonstrated that commitment at thousands of installations by supplying the highest quality service, support and product enhancements in the industry.

In keeping with that commitment, users of both Classic and WEStation-based WDPF systems can take advantage of the latest technologies while preserving their investment in WDPF. Using a well-defined, field-proven process we can economically migrate any WDPF system to a full-function Ovation system.

It's a low-risk, cost-effective alternative to complete system replacement. Users are able to retain much of their existing investment in WDPF including cabinetry, the entire Q-Line I/O subsystem and associated wiring, control logic, and process graphics.

Because existing DPU cabinets are simply refitted with an Ovation Controller Fieldkit, there is no impact to system footprint. And most significantly, because your proven control strategies, databases and process graphics are retained, migration if virtually transparent to operators thereby minimizing re-training requirements and allowing for continuity of operations.

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