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Emerson Flow Measurement Group




Emerson Flow Measurement guarantees customers to have fit-for-purpose solution on their need to improve safety and efficiency with its collective expertise of Micro Motion Coriolis, Density and Viscosity measurement technology, Rosemount Flow and Daniel custody transfer solutions. To achieve precise measurement and to provide reliable results delivering efficiency on every challenging applications is what it upholds.

Coriolis Flow and Density meters unmatched accuracy and performance ensure outstanding results in every process in changing operating conditions, regardless of environmental effects. Smart Meter Verification is the only diagnostic tool available to check the entire meter’s performance and integrity online, on-demand and in less than 2 minutes. Superior gas flow measurement using Micro Motion Coriolis meters eliminate the need for pressure and temperature compensation even in the most demanding custody transfer applications. World-leading and unmatched ±0.0001 g/cm3 density measurement accuracy and repeatability.


Emerson Rosemount Flow Technologies remains unparalleled in industrial instrumentation for process and diagnostics needs. With the number of years in the industry, knowledge and expertise has bring out the best solutions for critical and utility process providing highest plant efficiency and safety at lower costs. The only all-cast/all-weld designed Vortex meter eliminates clogging and leaking to deliver unmatched reliability. Most accurate, reliable magnetic flowmeter with advanced diagnostics, improves process control while delivering ongoing maintenance savings.


Daniel solely offers Innovative fiscal flow measurement technologies and unparalleled application expertise for accurate and reliable oil and gas custody transfer.

Emerson's flow measurement expertise and our trusted Daniel custody transfer solutions offer the insight and measurement reliability that give our customers peace of mind even in their most
challenging oil and gas application.

Engineered for custody transfer applications, the new Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meter offers high accuracy and reliable, long-term performance to minimize lost and unaccounted for natural gas. The advanced meter is available in DN100 to DN1050 (4 to 42-in) line sizes and offer bidirectional flow capabilities, increased flow capacity and no incremental pressure drop to reduce measurement risk and minimize operating costs.

Emerson Marine Tank Monitoring has set the standard for reliable and accurate measurement of cargo for all type of vessels and tankers with guaranteed safety and efficiency while on board. With its knowledge and expertise, profitable operations with accurate tank gauging, high-level and overflow control, and pressure and temperature measurement for any ship type has been attached to its name.

Reliable cargo monitoring system perfectly fits marine purposes and has complied worldwide marine approvals. Its robust and quality design is able to meet the harsh marine environment designed solely for marine purposes, no compromises and a can be trusted throughout the project execution and lifetime of the ship.

Emerson’s 3-in-1 solution for level, high level and overfill in a single deck penetration, engine consumption monitoring and bunkering solution has set the standard for reliable and efficient marine solution.