Job Openings:



Product Engineer


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop business plan for the assigned product line and create
  • tactical action plan.
  • Set regular reviews with concerned departments to measure accomplishment versus plan.
  • Makes sales presentations, explaining benefits and features of Trigon products to prospects and clients.
  • Know the markets where product can be positioned. Make on-site visits to existing customers at least once a month to validate market positioning and how this can be replicated in new accounts. Target one new account per month.
  • Write brief report on each sales call explaining problems faced, why they selected or did not select the product. What actions can be taken to reinforce or change sales behavior
  • Develop database of existing customers, their organization, the decision makers, their usage history, shutdown schedules, etc.
  • Help field sales engineers successfully sell product with up-to-date sales tools. Determine what is working or not working.
  • Update sales team with new or noteworthy developments to the product or sales message.
  • Identify strengths of your product versus top three competitors and work with the sales team to continuously validate.

Knowledge and skills required:

  • Excellent oral and technical writing skills
  • Works well with people and comfortable speaking to small and large audiences
  • Knowledge of Trigon’s products and services as well as company’s philosophy and policies
  • Knowledge of clients’ business operations and organizational structure
  • Knowledge of clients’ installed base




Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establish and implement appropriate business partnerships, revenue generation relationships, and forward-looking business growth through the company's existing business models and strategic direction.
  • Carry out network development, sales generation, strategic analysis, and negotiation, and deal closure.
  • Perform strategic planning and concept development of a commercial market business development plan.
  • Analyze current market and propose a tactical and strategic solution that is beneficial to the promotion and sustainability of the company's brand.
  • Prospect and develop new business relationships on revenue, and other strategic fronts including timely response to incoming leads or business potentials.
  • Initiate new discussions with and developing value from existing relationships with external clients.
  • Close revenue and deals, as well as those that can be considered as strategic for the company's brand value.
  • Negotiate terms and working with the company's legal office in ensuring compliance with government regulatory requirements and managing those business relationships after closing the deal.
  • Formulate and review business development policies.
  • Enforce, monitor, and safeguard the department's quality objectives.


Financial Analyst


  • Strong financial modeling skills and analytical backgrounds to explore historical financial data
  • Analysis of current and past financial data against performance expectations against budgets and/or projections
  • Knowledge of ERP systems and related technologies, providing financial models and forecasting technology
  • Can easily gain expertise in present technological tools, systems and platforms
  • Strategic thinker - to help drive growth and profitability in the years ahead by establishing and evaluating profit plans and identifying trends in financial performance
  • Providing recommendations for improvement by preparing short and concise ad-hoc analysis of some strategic corporate activities 
  • Great presentation skills and ability to influence and persuade with in-depth knowledge of data analytical systems, stressing the importance of data-driven decisions over intuition-driven decisions like exploring investment opportunities and evaluating current capital expenditures and depreciation
  • Ability to coordinate with other members of the finance team to review financial information and forecasts
  • Excellent time management and organizational ability
  • Ability to multitask and meet constant deadlines
  • Willingness to work long hours, when necessary


  • Accounting graduate and preferably has taken up CPA board review
  • Preferably a Certified Public Accountant
  • Strong in financial forecasting, budgeting and analysis manifested by experience in financial analysis or auditing jobs at   least for 1 year
  • Computer database capable, i.e. Microsoft office, quick books etc…
  • Strong team player capabilities (to work well with officers and managers)